Tuscany walking tours. Managed and guided by experienced local professionals

Legal notice.

Our business is composed of: Walk About Tuscany that provides professional guides and Walk About Italy which provides​ touristic package services resulting from the combination of guide, hotel, restaurants and other services.

The profession of a guide is regulated in Tuscany through the Tuscany Regional Law #42, 2000.
By this law the guide needs a professional license.
Each of the guides collaborating with us have that requirement.
When planning a trip please make sure that all the guides and services that you buy are professionally licensed. Doing this you will be guaranteed with quality and safety and you will also help the local economy.
1. Packages concern the journeys, the holidays and excursions or visits all included, resulting from the pre-determined combination of at least two of the elements referred to below, sold or offered for sale at a flat-rate consideration, and of a duration in excess of twenty four hours or including at least one night: a) transport; b) accommodation; c) tourist services not related to the transport or accommodation.
2. The separate billing of elements of the same package shall not absolve the organizer or retailer from the obligations in this unit.
Note: this does not include just hiring a guide for one or more guided days.
Legal Sources
The sale of tourist packages, that concern services to be rendered domestically and abroad, is regulated by law nr. 1084 dated Dec. 27, 1977, ratified by the  International Convention on Travel Contracts (CCV) signed in Brussels on April 23, 1970 – since applicable – as well as the Consumer Code  as per Legislative decree nr. 206 dated September 6, 2004 (articles 82-100) as amended.