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Gianni Stanghellini - Walk About TuscanyGianni, guide and trip organizer
(with a degree in geology)

I am 46 years old.  I live in Siena, a small hilltop town in Italy. Siena is a beautiful medieval town about one hour south of Florence. Geology is my background (Ph.D.) but to me life is about more than an academic degree. Music, cooking and photographing are my passions. I consider myself lucky to be able to combine all my passions into my travel business. I have been a certified guide for nature walks since 1999. After working many years as a guide and also in the back stage of the travel industry for foreign walking tour companies, I earned my Tour Organizer business license, valid in Italy and the rest of the world. Let me organize your vacation to Tuscany and other parts of Italy. It’s going to be smooth, stimulating and memorable, mostly because my associate guides are professional, fun and focused on your enjoyment.

Sara, a true passion for life
(with a degree in ethnology)


Sara is a fully licensed guide, both for nature trails and for the city of Siena. When I first met her few years ago I was struck by her great personality and enthusiasm. She is great with groups of adults and she loves to interact with kids. Her background is in Anthropology. As a hobby Sara plays violin.

Lorenzo, travelling is my life
(with a degree in creative writing)


Lorenzo has been guiding tours since 1999. He then earned his master degree in foreign languages and literature.He is fondly in love with Tuscany. However he also enjoys exploring the rest of the world and that’s what he does in his spare time, together with studying, reading and writing. He just accomplished his first historical novel and he is now pursuing a master degree in Cultural Anthropology. His favourite Tuscan food? Ribollita soup

Tommaso, when wine meets the trail
(with a degree in biology)


Tommaso was born in Pistoia, a town near Florence. He is a professional nature guide. He earned his degree in biology at the University of Pisa. He loves walking and biking and to be surrounded by countryside and nature. Travelling, reading, cooking and wine are his interests. Tommaso is a professional sommelier and would love to share his passion for wine with you. He is also an authorized city guide for Florence, Siena, Pisa and Volterra. How about a glass of Chianti wine to start off on the right foot?

Nello, the sky is the limit
(with a degree in geology)

Nello smile, dark

Nello has led walking journeys for many years. He studied geology, just like Gianni, owner at walk About Tuscany. Geology is a discipline that combines nature and exploration. Nello later went on to complete his PhD in Natural Sciences at UC Santa Cruz. Nello has worked aboard as a hydrogeologist in Mali, Djibouti, Senegal, the Dominican Republic, and Iraq. For the last 12 years, he has been a professional Trip Leader. “Being a Trip Leader is my dream job!”. In the off season, Nello can be found restoring his stone farmhouse in Tuscany or perhaps exploring in India and North Africa.

Rudy, photographing Tuscany
(with a degree in yoga teaching)

rudy Cucini

Rudy was born in Colle Val d’Elsa, a town between Siena and Florence. He began working as a cycling guide and then as a professional nature guide. He is a Yoga teacher and passionate about natural medicine. He studied kinesiology, shiatsu, craniosacral therapy and has completed a master’s degree in osteopathy. Now he is studying photojournalism and nature photography because he wants to combine four great passions: photography, travel, people, animals.
Rudy is a vegetarian. “In Tuscany you can eat well without meat too … especially if you like good red wine.”

Roberto, climbing is my passion (with a degree in biology)


Roberto was born and raised in a small village on Amiata mountain, 50 miles south of Siena. Although his background is in biology he is very keen on traditions and history of Tuscany.
His passion is climbing. He is a climbing instructor and rescuer. Do not worry! He is happy to walk with you on flat terrain 🙂
Roberto is definitely a people-person. He took several courses at “The Academy of Experiential Education” about “group dynamics”. 

Domenico, a love for history and half-calf books (with a degree in archaeology)


Born and raised in Northern Italy between misty hills and the Po river. Soon he fell in love with Siena and Chianti area. After graduating in Archaeology he decided to combine his passion for history, art and environment becoming a professional fully licensed guide. Beyond being a licensed nature guide he is also a city guide for Siena and the surroundings. Recently his interest has moved to ancient books. Archaeology and ancient books are not so boring if you know how manage them. He will capture your interest with stories on wine & Etruscans or trails & Roman roads. When he is not touring he enjoys free climbing.

Chiara, farming vegetables, olives, chickens, ducks and pigs (with a degree in natural sciences)

Chiara was born in Volterra, a charming Etruscan town nearby Pisa. After graduating in Natural Sciences in 2001 she has become a nature hiking guide, accompanying guests in Tuscany and pleasing them with lovely pic-nics. In 2015 she decided to start her own farm with a vegetable garden, olive trees, aromatic plants, chickens, ducks and pigs. Now she is a tour leader and a farmer. She will take you around with dirty hands for a good reason  🙂

Daniele, making pecorino sheep-cheese as an art (with a degree in natural sciences)

Daniele was born and raised in a farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside. He’s got a Master’s Degree in Natural Sciences in 2009 and started working as a nature guide around the Indian Ocean and Africa, before coming back to his beloved homeland.
As a passionate birdwatcher, he always keep an eye on the sky during his walks, sharing the pleasure of exploration and the discovery of new places.