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San Gimignano. In the 13th century the town was embellished with 74 towers!


Hiking in San Gimignano is a great experience. It allows to learn about history of this stunning medieval town. The views are amazing. After having walked in the old town we immerse ourselves in the surrounding countryside. The walk overlooks the towers of San Gimignano from the distance. The effort that we make to complete this easy hike is rewarded by stopping at a farmhouse that serves fresh al fresco local organic food. Another easy walk will follow after lunch.

San Gimignano countryside walking tour

  • full day (7 and a half hours)
  • rating: easy to moderate
  • the walk starts nearby San Gimignano walls.
  • pleasant hike on trails through the vines of the area. Great views over the town of San Gimignano
  • stop for lunch at a local farmhouse (not included in price).
  • drive back by taxi to the town of San Gimignano (not included in price).
  • Stroll around the town of Sangimignano after lunch.
  • Length of the walk: 8 Km (=5 miles)

Total price for the group changes depending on the occupancy number of your private party. Valid 2017

Number of guests Full day tour (€)*
1 270
2 320
3 330
4 340
5 350

More guests? Please ask us a quote.
We can also tailor the tour to your needs.

* total price for the group (does not include lunch or tasting)