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Monteriggioni. Walking on the Pilgrims' footsteps


At the beginning of the second millennium, a huge number of pilgrims began crossing through Europe in search of the lost “Celestial Land”. Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela were the three major destinations.
The Via Francigena led all the way from Canterbury (England) to Rome and was one of the pathways of European history. Siric, archbishop in Canterbury in 989, described his trip back to England.
Let’s follow the Tuscan section of the archbishop’s journey!


Monteriggioni tour: in the footsteps of Pilgrims

  • full day (7 and a half hours) or half day (4 hours)
  • rating: easy to moderate
  • walking a section of the pilgrimage route.
  • visit the Romanesque church of Abbadia Isola
  • stop for lunch in the square of Monteriggioni (not included in price)
  • Length of the walk: 8 Km (=5 miles)

Total price for the group changes depending on the occupancy number of your private party. Valid 2017

Number of guests Half day tour (€)* Full day tour (€)*
1 160 260
2 180 290
3 190 310
4 200 340
5 210 350

More guests? Please ask us a quote.
We can also tailor the tour to your needs.

* total price for the group (does not include lunch or tasting)