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Montalcino. Walking in the kingdom of Tuscan wines

Montalcino is considered the capital of Tuscan wines. “Brunello” is the masterpiece of wines. But Montalcino is not only that: a magnificent church awaits us after a nice walk and wine tasting.

(The community of monks moved to France in November 2015. We still don’t know if and when there will be chants in the future. We’ll keep you posted. The beautiful church will still be open to visits; just a nice end of the walk. Even without the chants the tour is still a fascinating experience.)

Montalcino and the Brunello wine walking tour

  • full day (7 and a half hours)
  • rating: easy to moderate
  • walking through woods and “Brunello” vineyards
  • stop for a wine visit and tasting at a small farms that produces only 10.000 bottles a year!
  • stop for lunch at a local trattoria. Picnic is also an option (both not included in price).
  • Length of the walk: 9 Km (=6.5 miles)

Total price for the group changes depending on the occupancy number of your private party. Valid 2017

Number of guests Full day tour (€)*
1 270
2 320
3 330
4 340
5 350

More guests? Please ask us a quote.
We can also tailor the tour to your needs.

* total price for the group (does not include lunch or tasting)